Gestamp, a Spanish PV company, has recently commissioned a 5MW PV installation on Puerto Rico’s Convention Center. This PV system is comprised of a solar car port in addition to a roof top installation on the building’s main roof. The Convention Center which boasts of being the largest Convention Center in the Caribbean was outfitted with 19000 PV panels collectively across the Carport and the building’s main roof. It is estimated that this system will generate approximately 8000 MWh annually which on average is enough to provide electricity for over 700 households.

This venture took an estimated eight months to complete to a tune of US $20M. As a result of this endeavour, 125 temporary jobs were created as well as 25 permanent positions in the maintenance and service of this PV system.

Gestamp is a division of Gestamp Renewables which is in turn a subsidiary of Gestamp steel company.