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Barbados On The Road To Green Energy

Oil prices are soaring again -- this time due to uncertainty over the fate of major producers like Russia and Iraq. Expect to pay more at the gas pump and the grocery store in the months ahead, since everything from transportation to manufacturing to our petroleum-intensive agricultural system is a puppet flailing upon the strings [...]

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World Environment Day Celebrations: Barbados’ Green Economy

“Barbados aims to be the most advanced green economy in the whole Latin America and the Caribbean”. This message has been stressed by Minister of Environment and Drainage, Denis S. Lowe, and other Barbados officials, throughout the week of the World Environment Day 2014 celebrations. This small—a dot on the map, say the locals—island developing [...]

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Solar Electricity Roofs

Energy Minister Senator Darcy Boyce this morning flicked the switch at a beach facility operated by the National Conservation Commission to signal the launch of Government’s solar electricity roofs programme. The solar-powered building at Pebbles Beach, Aquatic Gap, St. Michael, is the first of more than 100 Government buildings which will be outfitted with solar [...]

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Largest Solar Installation at Grand Palladium Resort

Operators of the Grand Palladium Resort and Spa in Hanover says that the facility set to save over J$80 million in energy cost per year from the installation of a solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) power plant. The solar power PV plant said to be the largest in Jamaica to date was unveiled at the hotel on [...]

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12 Caribbean Hotels have gone Solar

It's the Caribbean’s most abundant resource, and it’s powering a number of the region’s hotels: the sun. From hot water heaters to large-scale solar arrays, the Caribbean has an increasing number of solar-powered hotels. To continue our Earth Week coverage, here are some of the hotels where you can both enjoy the sun on the beach [...]

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Smart island economies

It’s no secret that Caribbean islands are facing increasing challenges due to their dependence on imported fossil fuels. With energy prices reaching 35 to 55 US cents per kilowatt, per hour, the real challenge is how to get energy costs down. The Carbon War Room is working to help island nations that want [...]

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Solar for Primary Schools in Barbados

The government of Japan has provided $121,000 in grant financing to Barbados to outfit five primary schools with photovoltaic energy. Japan’s Ambassador to Barbados, Yoshimasa Tezuka, said the project would “allow students to see the value of renewable energy as a basic human need.” “Efforts to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is [an initiative] [...]

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Caribbean Could Save US$200m, Renewables

High energy costs are the Achilles heel of the Caribbean. More than 97 per cent of this region's electricity is generated from fossil fuels and many islands devote a hefty portion of their GDP to fuel imports. On some Caribbean islands, electricity bills can soar up to six times higher than in the United States, [...]

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Westin in St Maaten Goes Solar

The Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa in St Maarten has completed a solar installation that allows the resort to produce six to eight hours of its own power during peak times. The resort is not only the first Westin hotel or resort in the world, but also the only major resort in the Caribbean [...]

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IDB Regional Energy initiative to combat high energy costs

At the recently concluded 3rd annual IDB meeting of Caribbean Governors held in Port of Spain, the various regional finance ministers voiced strong concerns about the high energy cost currently facing the region. IDB has recently announced the launch of a Caribbean Energy initiative which is geared at reshaping the current regional market in such [...]

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