There are a number of Government projects in the pipeline which are geared at moving Barbados along the green energy path in the near future.

During the ceremony for the new administrative building of the Sanitation Service Authority, Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe informed the gathering at Vaucluse St.Thomas of the creation of a number of projects which form part of the Mangrove Pond Green Energy Project.

Dr.Lowe made mention of the Sanitation Service Authority’s plans to implement a number of state of the art energy generation facilities at the Vaucluse site. The proposed Renewable Energy line up for the site includes a US $340M waste to energy  plant, US $9.4M landfill gas to energy plant, US $60M solar power farm , US $24M wind farm and a modernized mechanical work shop at  a cost of US $11M.

Other upgrades which the Vaucluse site will be furnished with are a US $11M beautification boost and a leachate treatment plant estimated at US $39M.

“The infrastructure committee of Cabinet led by Dr. the honourable David Estwick has been driving these projects to roll out because we do not have a lot of downtime to play with. The economy needs us more than ever and we need the economy more than ever and therefore this Ministry – the Ministry of Environment and Drainage – is going to continue to do its part in ensuring that whatever needs to obtain to get these projects done, that they will be done and that is our commitment,” he maintained.

Once up & running the site is projected to generate twice the revenue taken to finance the present operations of the Sanitation Service Authority. This figure stands at a whopping $52,872,825.

By the Sanitation Service Authority taking the lead on the waste to energy complex, its aim is to help facilitate a cultural shift from the traditional view of waste being useless or just simply trash but instead see it as a viable means of energy production.