Locally-based City & Guilds institution is offering a number of Green Skills courses that could help spearhead the kind of innovation amongst the Youth for which Government has been asking.

Katerina Tsiplacis, City & Guilds Sales and Business Development Manager, said that the institution was now offering courses in areas that include carbon management, cleaning property and environmental services, construction and building services, energy efficiency, land-based industries, environmental conservation and utilities, namely domestic natural gas and wind turbines. Although not yet being delivered in Barbados, she said that the hope is that our existing approved organisations and training providers will step forward and begin to deliver these green areas of what are now in demand within many vocations.

She explained that the newly developed courses were internationally accredited, and were aimed at businesses, industries, education and training providers. She noted, “The Ministry of Transport has set an excellent example in launching a programme to reduce its usage of hydrocarbon-based energy products and services. This was a very bold and smart decision”.

Fading livelihoods such as farming will be seen in a brand new light as the next generation realizes the importance and economic benefits of this to the island. Organic farming will increase and create not only sustainable living but be a new movement in itself with healthy-minded individuals pioneering this smart and holistically beneficial movement.

Recycling is becoming a necessity and keeping the islands beaches and gullies clean are areas where youth can help lead. The annual Clean Up Barbados campaign facilitated by the Future Centre Trust and supported by both public and private sector stakeholders is one example of environmental awareness building.

Exerpts by Katerina Lisa Tsiplacis – City & Guilds Sales & Business Development Manager solely responsible for the Caribbean and Americas.