The Grenada Electricity Services Limited (GRENLEC), the island’s sole electricity supplier, said it has signed an EC$ 6.4 million to increase solar electricity generation.

GRENLEC did not state with whom it signed the agreement, but indicated that “it’s the largest renewable energy investment in Grenada to date”.

It said that it had finalised a contract for 937kW of solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy spread over 13 sites and that “these new installations represent GRENLEC’s single largest renewable energy project investment in Grenada to date”.

GRENLEC’s chief engineer, Clive Hosten, said “we are aggressively pursuing additional renewable energy installations for generating electricity cost-effectively, reliably and safely as we diversify our mix of energy sources.

“Our goal is to continue stabilising electricity costs and contributing to a greener Grenada for the benefit of our customers and nation,” he added.

The 13 renewable energy sites include a combination of carport, roof and ground-mounted solar PV installations at the company’s facilities in Grand Anse, Queen’s Park and Plains, GRENLEC said, adding that the project is scheduled for completion in mid-2016

It said the new project together with the existing systems, will bring GRENLEC’s renewable energy generating capacity to a total of1.12 megawatts (MW), which is equivalent to approximately four percent of Grenada’s peak power demand.

Excerpts from Caribbean News