Plans are progressing in the development of the waste-to-energy plant being built at Bovoni Landfill in St.Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This comes after the recent signing of a memorandum of agreement by Governor John de Jongh.

“I signed an amended Memorandum of Agreement to ensure this project moves along a proper timeframe, and all funds are efficiently spent so we can realize the fruition of this important alternative energy source,” de Jongh said.

It is estimated that the waste-to-energy plant should generate some 815kW via the burning of methane gas produced by the landfill waste. The electricity generated is hoped to be sufficient for powering approximately 900 homes, with electricity also used to power the Mangrove Lagoon Waste Water Treatment Plant. Any excess electricity produced is to be sold to the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority.

St.Thomas based Island Road Corporation is the contractor completing the work on this plant which is being funded by the US Department of Energy at a cost of US $3.01 Million and is scheduled to be completed in September of this year.

Barbados is also working on a waste-to-energy plant which is to generate 10-14 MW of electricity. This waste-to-energy facility is a part of the bigger Mangrove Pond Energy Complex which is being built at a cost of BDS $377 Million and is to include a solar power facility, a wind energy facility, the Mangrove Pond Beautification Programme, the construction of a new mechanical maintenance facility and the Landfill Gas Management System.

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