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Goldfield Solar is dedicated to a green energy future for the Caribbean.

Goldfield was formed by experienced young professionals from Barbados that have built a strong base of international experience, credentials and networks to implement this vision.

All members either have or are in the process of attaining their Masters’ degrees internationally along with other notable distinctions. They are passionate about giving back to Barbados with the collective skills & expertise which were garnered abroad.

Goldfield recognizes the enormous potential in energy savings from effectively harnessing the Sun’s energy which shall serve to facilitate the future of energy security & independence in the Caribbean. Goldfield is cognizant of its role in the mitigation of the effects of regional and global climate change.

The Goldfield Solar Difference

Goldfield Solar makes sure you get the most out of your solar panels: the most energy generated, the most return on your investment, the most beneficial environmental impact, and the most joy and pride each time you see a sunny day.
Goldfield Solar, a full-service commercial solar provider headquartered in Barbados, provides a premier customer experience. We offer cutting edge technology, flexible purchasing options and superior client service at every stage of your transition to solar electricity.
It’s hard to match our expertise in residential solar power because at Goldfield Solar, that’s our main focus. Our in-house engineers are passionate about solar power. We do extensive research on the latest technology so we know what actually works and what doesn’t before recommending products to our customers.

Here is a time lapse video of a 618 kW installation. Talk about panels!

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Goldfield Solar is changing the face of energy use in the Caribbean.

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