Healthy Horizons

These Goldfield success stories are inspired by real customers who found several benefits from the installation of a solar system.

Trevor and Pam Haynes—owners of Healthy Horizons—chose Goldfield Solar to design, procure and install the solar system for their business. There were local businesses involved as well as international service suppliers.

The Story

Healthy Horizons beach apartments has operated in Hastings on the South Coast of Barbados for many years. However, like many small business owners on the island, Trevor and Pam were wary of the cost of the electricity their establishment was using as it ran air conditioning, chillers, laundry and many other services on a 24/7 basis.

Goldfield Solar prepared an easy to understand proposal which examined the Healthy Horizons rooftop and presented a system which matched Trevor and Pam’s needs.

Now, almost 9 months after installation, the system has considerably lowered their utility bill as well as producing in reimbursement for the energy their system feeds back into the electricity grid.

If you or your network need a friendly place to stay in one of the most popular areas on the island check out Healthy Horizons click the green button.