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Goldfield Solar is corporately partnered with ResCo Energy, which has built some of Canada’s largest and most innovative rooftop solar projects. Goldfield is focused on quality, and beautiful Solar Energy design in the Caribbean. It was a perfect match.

Terrence Haynes

Co-Founder, VP Business Development

Terrence possesses a B.A.Sc from U of T in Mechanical Engineering, CEM – Certified Energy Manager and a M.A.Sc in Solar Energy Engineering from Dalarna University in Sweden. He has a wealth of technical knowledge relating to the design & construction of PV systems in the Caribbean region. He is currently working on attaining his P.Eng.

Terrence’s Profile & Highlights

Renewable Energy Technology. Involves a broad overview of all renewable energy practices.

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Thermal Design
  • Solar Thermal for Hot Climates
  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Energy Management
  • PV and Hybrid System Design
  • Passive Solar Energy Technology
  • 6 Month thesis. Thesis topic: Design and Assessment of a large commercial PV system in Barbados
  • Successfully managed high profile projects for Bruce Power such as West Shift Plus
  • Documentation Control which required compliance with the TSSA, CNSC, CSA as well as certain ASME codes.
  • Authored Life Cycle Management Plans for Bruce Power
  • Acted as a drafting coordinator at AMEC NSS, providing daily work instruction and managing over 15 drafters.
  • 2012 National Development Scholar (Barbados)
  • As design coordinator, successfully implemented a design management tool to efficiently and effectively manage Design tasks between engineers and drafters and project managers and field staff.
  • As construction coordinator, successfully helped developed software to allow field staff to report on site conditions to the design team and to ensure every day safety in the field.

Design Coordinator, Resco Energy (PV Company) Toronto 2013

  • Managed & chaired Design Team weekly team meetings. Managed Design Team activities and priorities as well as liaised between project managers, design team and field staff.
  • Assisted in all aspects of commercial PV design; from surveying, “trimbling” and feasibility studies to system design, inverter sizing and optimization, electrical design, voltage drops, wire sizing etc. PVYSYT simulation and creating array and electrical layouts.
  • Created new design tool for management of design activities and milestone tracking for over 20 projects at once.
  • Assisted in the installation of racking and panels of ballasted systems for multiple commercial PV sites across Ontario.
  • Acted temporarily as Construction Coordinator. As Coordinator, managed field staff reporting, vacation timecards and
  • safety training of field staff. Helped create new safety documents and electronic accessibility of these documents in the field which allows in onsite and instantaneous reporting of deficiencies in the field.
  • Associate Analyst, AMEC NSS (Nuclear Engineering Consulting Company), Toronto 2009-2012
  • Played an integral part in Bruce Power Restart project for the refurbishment of Unit 3 & Unit 4 reactors. Tasks involved liaising and trouble shooting of electrical drawings and designs with modification engineers as well as drafters to ensure all documentation is in order for the particular modification.
  • Acted as a trainer for junior engineers on Bruce Power site to help them become familiar with Bruce Power’s Engineering Change Control Procedure for the restarting of units 3 & 4
  • Assisted in the writing of many Technical Basis Assessments and Life Cycle Management Plants for Bruce Power components such as for all their pumps and motors such of which cost in excess of USD $1,000,000.
  • Conducted multiple Flow Accelerated Corrosion Reports for thermal Power generation stations piping systems based on NDE data and determined when certain sections of pipe needed patch welds or replacement based on ASME minimums.
  • Have done piping stress analysis for feeder piping into the reactor core for Bruce Power to help determine when this critical piping requires replacement.
  • Acted as Project Manager for several projects both small (~$150,000 USD) and large (>$1,000,000 USD). As project manager tasks included start to finish objectives of the project, from writing of the TOQ and Work Plan to coordinating internal and client meetings and providing Task Progress Reports to the client as well as internal management.

Bachelors : Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering with speciality in Energy & the Environment from the University of Toronto (2007)

Masters: Masters in Solar Energy Engineering from Dalarna University

· Proficient in PVSYST software for PV system design for stand- alone and grid type connections.
· Experience with HOMER for design of hybrid PV-wind, hydro and genset systems
· Experience with SAM for comparison of different modes of electricity generation from Solar Energy.
· Experience with CODEPRO for optimization of Flat Plate Collector Design
· Experience with ASME codes as it relates to Nuclear Power Plant & Pressure Tube design
· Experience with AUTOCAD for creating, modifying and setting up electrical and structural layouts.
· Familiar with F.E.A software such as Ansys.
· Significant Project Management Experience in the Nuclear Industry
· Experience in Life Cycle Management Planning and Technical Basis Assessments for mechanical equipment.
· Experience with Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) analysis and assessments in Fossil Plants
· Familiar with Autopipe software for piping analysis
· Assisted in HVAC tenders for multimillion dollar projects.
· Conducted energy audits and completed Environmental Impact Assessment Analysis.
· Acted as Design Coordinator for Canada’s largest Solar Employer
· Completed fullscale design of PV systems for commercial building, from feasibility to system design system and system projection.
· Completed multiple PV proposals for clients
· Trained & certified to operate Telehandler and Forklift in Ontario.
· Fully safety qualified by Ontario Standards: WHMIS, Fall protection & Fall arrest training, Fire Extinguisher training etc.
· Currently working on attaining P.Eng designation (Exam in April 2014)

Former two-time olympian, Interested in all aspects of health and wellness, running and weightlifting.

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